Lydia Tracey Foundation

We support freedom, education and self-empowerment.

Our mission is to help people live an empowered, independent life. For third world countries to have access to first-world education.

The Lydia Tracey Foundation is a private, independent foundation established by Miguel Williams, in honour of his Grandmother Lydia Tracey. Our vision is to play our part in helping all educationally disadvantage young people of third world countries and adults trafficked for modern enslavement, break free, to achieve their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Some of our partners and organisations we support:

Unseen runs a safehouse for women survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking aged 18 and over.


This is the first stage on a survivor's long and difficult journey towards rebuilding their lives. We help survivors recover their self-esteem, build their confidence and gain key skills vital for their future independence.


ACAP aims to raise the achievement, attainment & aspirations of all young people.


Running a variety of projects and services. Coordinating approach in supporting children to help fulfil their fullest potential in school. Our project serves as a catalyst for bringing together communities, statutory and voluntary bodies.


We believe in a fair and inclusive world, where everyone can live as they choose.


Our work has an impact on individuals, the public, organisations, and at national and global levels in order to reach this goal.